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  • Red Velvet cake 500g

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      • Rs 350.00

      • Rs 400.00

    About This Cake:

          Red velvet cake is also a trending flavour cake in India. The cake is filled with Raspberry notes in the cake sponge and topped up beautifully with decorated Raspberry extract, meringue and fondants, this cake looks extremely lavish and tastes really rich in flavours. Ideal for Grand Occasions like Engagements, Wedding Receptions, Birthdays and more. The people who love these flavours would fall head over heels in love and we are sure they will order from us henceforth.


    • Flour
    • Sugar
    • Eggs
    • Baking powder
    • Butter
    • sugar syrup

    Product description:

    • Raspberry flavoured cake
    • Weight 1kg and Above
    • Shape - Regular round shape and shape can be customised.
    • Toppings with Raspberry cream, white cream
    • Tastes Best by consume on the day of Delivery


        Cakes are available only by Pre-order. order has to be place one day before.


        This is not an exact image of the final product. The toppings and directions may be varies at time of Delivery

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